Home Warranty Scam Letters

Home Warranty Scam Letters

COPFCU members have reported receiving letters in the mail stating that their property’s home warranty, secured by Cincinnati Police FCU, is about to expire. The letters then urge the member to respond by a certain date and warn that failure to do so could result in a potential loss of coverage.

After reviewing this letter, we can confirm that this is a scam.

Who are the letters come from and what do they say?

The letters may come from Home Warranty Department, Home Warranty Direct, or other similar companies. The letter presents a sense of urgency to the recipient with statements such as “Extremely Urgent & Time Sensitive Material” and “Immediate Response Requested.”

These letters may look similar to this example.

What should I do if I receive this letter?

If you receive a letter similar to this in the mail, please disregard the information and dispose of it immediately. Do not call the number or provide any personal information to the sender.

COPFCU will never ask for personal or account information over the phone. If you are in doubt about the origin of any communication you receive that references the credit union, please call us directly at 513.381.2677.