Accomplish your Goals with a Secured Credit Builder Loan.

Accomplish your Goals with a Secured Credit Builder Loan.

We Offer Remarkable Member Rates.

A Secured Credit Builder Loan is often the most affordable loan option available to all members, but especially those seeking to build or repair their credit. Because funds you already have on deposit are held as collateral, this allows the rate to be just 3% above the Savings Rate. As you make your monthly on-time payments, you credit score should improve and positive payment history will be established.

Secure Credit Builder Loans feature:

  • Ability to borrow up to your available savings balance
  • Terms up to 60 months
  • Easy payments to fit your budget
  • Low fixed rate of just 3% over the Savings Rate
  • Continue to earn interest on your Savings
  • Improvement of your credit score and history with on-time payments

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Secure Credit Builder Loan Rates

Credit Builder Loan Rates

Loan TermAPR*
Up to 60 Months3% above deposit rate of account used to secure the funds


What is a credit builder loan?

A Secured Credit Builder Loan is a loan made to you, but secured by funds you already have in a Savings Account. By making a loan based on funds you already have, you are able to improve your credit score over time by making on-time payments to the loan.

While you repay the loan, the funds in your Savings Account remain on-hold and unavailable for use until the loan is paid in full. Because these funds remain on hold, the interest rate charged for a Secured Credit Builder Loan is extremely low.

What can a credit builder loan be used for?

A credit builder loan is a type of personal loan that uses your savings account as collateral. You can use a credit builder loan to pay for anything, but you should only borrow what you can afford to repay.

Will a credit builder loan raise my credit score?

Credit builder loans are designed to help if you have no credit, poor credit or if you are trying to build or improve your credit history. Because payment history is an important factor in calculating your credit score, a credit builder loan can help you boost credit score. Keeping up with payments on your credit-builder loan is crucial because it shows you can handle a credit account.

Can I access the money in the account while I’m paying on the loan?

You can’t access the money until you have fully repaid the loan, which demonstrates to the credit bureaus you can make on-time payments.

Important Legal Disclaimer

Secure Credit Builder Loans are funded by regular share/savings or certificate of deposit (CD). If secured by a CD, the term of the loan cannot exceed the term/maturity of the CD. Maximum loan amount for a Secure Credit Builder Loan is $75,000.

Speak with a loan officer for full details.