Let COPFCU Help You In Case Of A Lost Or Stolen Card.

Let COPFCU Help You In Case Of A Lost Or Stolen Card.

Act fast and so will we.

If your debit or credit card is lost or has been stolen, we’re here to help. Please call us immediately to permanently deactivate the card and dispute any unauthorized charges.

Lost/Stolen/Fraud Hotlines

Lost or Stolen (USA)1-833-933-1681
Lost or Stolen (Int.)1-812-647-9794

Download the Mobile App

The COPFCU Mobile App is available in the App Store and Google Play. It’s the most secure, easy way to manage your accounts.

Added Security  Features Available in the Mobile App

The COPFCU mobile app offers added security features for your debit and credit card.  

Card Lock – If you can’t find your card or suspect that your card may have been stolen, you can easily lock your card inside the COPFCU mobile app. Locking the card prevents any additional transactions from being made on the card.

Transaction Alerts – You can also set transaction alerts for your cards inside the mobile app. Real-time transaction alerts provide immediate notification of unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

If I report my card lost or stolen using the numbers above, do I still need to contact the credit union?

Yes, please contact the credit union during normal business hours to have a new card reordered and to begin the dispute process for unauthorized charges.

Are card controls and card transaction alerts only available in the mobile app?

Yes, card controls and transaction alerts are only available in the mobile app. The mobile app is designed to work with your smartphone so that you have access to your accounts whenever you need from wherever you are – inside the US or traveling internationally.

If I lock my card, can I unlock it at any time?

Yes, you can unlock your card(s) at any time as long as the card hasn’t been permanently deactivated by our team.

Can I keep my card locked for added security and unlock it when I’d like to make a purchase?

Yes, you can keep your card locked for added security and unlock it right before you’re ready to make a purchase with it. With our card controls, you’re in full control.