Start Saving Today To Enjoy A More Prosperous Tomorrow. 

Start Saving Today To Enjoy A More Prosperous Tomorrow. 

Establish your membership and watch your dreams grow.

You have some pretty amazing dreams. A COPFCU Savings Account is the perfect way to start saving for your dreams.

 Primary Savings Account

A Primary Savings Account establishes your membership with COPFCU. It’s the first step to enjoying all the benefits of credit union membership. It’s also a safe place to build funds for your dreams like a house, wedding or new car as well as financial emergencies like an unexpected car repair.


  • Just $5 is needed to open a Savings
  • Earn competitive dividends on balances of $50 or more
  • No monthly service fee
  • Free Online Banking & Mobile Banking
  • Free eStatements & eTax forms

Secondary Savings Accounts

If you’re saving for a special occasion or need, a Secondary Savings account may be useful. A Secondary Savings operates just like a Primary Savings Account and can be used for any purpose – to save for a car, an engagement ring or Christmas gifts.


  • All Primary Savings benefits apply
  • Set an account nickname to designate your savings for a special purpose
  • Funds can be used to cover checking overdrafts and save you costly NSF fees

Savings Account Rates

Savings Accounts

$50.00 +0.05%0.05%

COPFCU Mobile App

The easiest, most secure way to manage your accounts.

  • Deposit checks
  • Pay bills
  • Apply for a loan
  • Receive instant transaction alerts for your debit/credit card
  • Lock/unlock your cards for added security
  • and more!
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Checking Account Security with Mobile Banking


What is the minimum balance requirement?

Only $5 is needed to open and maintain your Savings Account. To earn dividends, a minimum balance of $50 is required.

Can my Savings be used as a safety net for my Checking Account?

Yes, if you have a Checking Account your Primary Savings is automatically set to transfer funds to your Checking Account in the event of an unexpected overdraft. A small fee applies for the transfer of funds, but this saves you from incurring an expensive NSF (insufficient funds) fee. Review the latest Fee Schedule for full details.

You can also request that your Secondary Savings and other accounts be used as an additional overdraft source. Update your Overdraft Protection now.

Can I get a Debit Card with my Savings Account?

You can receive a Debit Card, but it will have limited functionality for ATM withdrawals only.