Boost Your Child’s Financial Future With A Youth Savings Account.

Boost Your Child’s Financial Future With A Youth Savings Account.

 Special accounts and programs for members age 14 and under.

Start your child’s savings and financial education early with a COPFCU youth Savings Account and Y-12 certificate. When you open a membership in your child’s name, they will be automatically enrolled in the COPFCU Kids Club where they can enjoy a wide array of activities and incentives to save their money, do well in school and just have fun. Additionally, the COPFCU Kids Club provides an excellent opportunity for your child to learn about budgeting, saving, and responsible spending habits from a young age. These valuable skills can better equip your child to manage their finances in the future.

Youth Primary Savings Account

A Primary Savings Account establishes a youth membership with COPFCU. It’s the first step to enjoying all the perks of a youth account.


  • You only need $5 to open a Primary Savings
  • Earn competitive dividends on balances of $50 or more
  • No monthly service fee
  • Free Online Banking & Mobile App
  • Free eStatements & eTax forms

Y-12 Certificate*

You can open this special 12-month certificate for just $250, and it pays an amazing rate on balances up to $1,000. It’s the perfect way for your child to earn more on birthday funds and allowance money.


  • You only need $250 to open this certificate
  • Earn a fantastic dividend on balances up to $1,000
  • Great way to earn more on birthday money and allowance funds

Youth Savings

Youth Primary Savings

Y-12 Certificate*

$50.00 +0.05%0.05%
$250.00 - $1,000.005.00%4.888%

Youth Account Perks

Fist Full of Coins

Starting at age 3, youth members can stop by any branch location during their birthday month to grab a fist full of coins. Everything grabbed will be deposited to their Savings account and they’ll receive a special birthday gift.

$1 for Each “A”

When youth members start to receive letter grades on their report cards, they can submit their report card and will be paid $1 for each “A” earned up to a maximum of $5. Funds will be deposited to the youth member’s savings account.

Report Card

Free Moonjar™

When a youth member turns 5, they will receive a free Moonjar.™ With a focus on Saving, Sharing and Spending money, the Moonjar is a special tool to help kids take the first step towards managing their funds.

Girl & Boy Using Their Moonjar

Other Fun Events

Special contests and giveaways are frequently being held for youth members. Follow our social medial channels for the latest news on Kids Club contests and activities.


What is needed to open a Youth Account?

To open a youth account, you will need the minor’s Social Security Number. A parent/guardian must be joint on the account and will also need their Social Security Number and a valid U.S. government-issued photo ID such as a Driver’s License, Passport or State ID Card.

Does an adult have to be on the Youth Account?

Yes, a parent/guardian is required to be a joint owner on a youth account. As a minor, the youth may not transact business on their own.

Important Legal Disclaimer

*Limit of one Y-12 certificate per youth membership. The Y-12 certificate will mature each year. A new Y-12 certificate may be opened for the youth each year until the youth turns age 15.