Earn Higher Rates with Our HSA Certificates.

Earn Higher Rates with Our HSA Certificates.

Put Your HSA To Work For You.

If you have accumulated a sizable balance in your HSA Checking account, put those funds to work for you with an HSA Certificate. HSA Certificates pay the highest rates offered for any COPFCU savings account. They’re recommended for funds that you won’t need during the certificate term. HSA Certificate terms range from 3 months to 5 years. Just like with regular certificates, the longer the certificate term, the more interest you’ll earn.


  • $1,000 minimum to open
  • The highest rates offered for any COPFCU savings product
  • As an HSA product, pay no taxes on the interest earned
  • Safe, federally insured investment
  • Terms from 3 months to 5 years
  • The longer the term, the more you’ll earn

Certificate Rates

Base Rates

3 mo.3.00%2.960%
6 mo.3.95%3.880%
9 mo.3.95%3.880%
1 yr.4.00%3.928%
18 mo.4.10%4.024%
2 yr.3.75%3.687%
30 mo.3.75%3.687%
3 yr.3.75%3.687%
4 yr.3.80%3.735%
5 yr.3.80%3.735%


Is there a penalty if I need to close the HSA Certificate before maturity?

Yes, penalties apply for early closure or withdrawal from an HSA Certificate. The penalty is half the dividends that would have been earned during the term of the certificate. If the penalty to be applied exceeds the amount of dividends earned at the time of withdrawal, then the portion of the penalty in excess of the dividend earned shall be deducted from the principal amount.

Can my rate change during the term I selected?

No. Once you lock in your rate, you are guaranteed that it won’t change.

When are dividends paid?

Dividends are paid monthly and are usually applied to the certificate balance.