COPFCU Debit Cards Make Checking Payments Easy.

COPFCU Debit Cards Make Checking Payments Easy.

Enjoy more financial flexibility with your new debit card.

COPFCU is proud to offer MasterCard Debit Cards for all members. COPFCU Debit Cards feature:

  • Acceptance at more than 11 million U.S. retailers and merchants
  • Acceptance at more than 60,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide
  • MasterCard’s 0% liability for unauthorized purchases
  • Mobile wallet compatibility — Apple, Samsung and Google Pay
  • Instant transaction alerts inside the COPFCU mobile app
  • Card lock security inside the COPFCU mobile app

Leverage Added Card Security with the COPFCU Mobile App

The COPFCU mobile app offers added security features to help you manage your cards 24×7.

Instant Transaction Alerts – Set instant transaction alerts for your cards inside the mobile app. Transaction alerts provide immediate notification of unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

Card Lock – If you can’t find your card or suspect that your card may have been stolen or compromised, you can easily lock your card inside the COPFCU mobile app. Locking the card prevents any additional transactions from being made on the card.

Download the mobile app today to enjoy added security for your debit and credit cards.

Debit Card Round Up: Turn Your Spare Change Into Smart Savings

Boost your savings effortlessly with our Debit Card Round-Up Program. Every time you use your COPFCU debit card, your purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the difference is transferred to your savings account. Start turning everyday transactions into valuable savings today!

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Debit Card Round-Up Program

Get a Debit Card Instantly in Branch or through the Mail

If you need a new or replacement debit card immediately, please visit any COPFCU Branch to receive a temporary debit card. A temporary debit card can be used until your permanent card arrives in the mail. If there is no rush to receive your new or replacement debit card, you may submit a request for a card by clicking the button below. Mailed cards typically arrive in 10-14 calendar days.

Order a Debit Card Now
Paying with a COPFCU Debit Card

Place a Travel Notice for Your Debit Card

If you’ll be traveling nationally or internationally, complete the Travel Notice to ensure that your card transactions are processed while you’re away.

Set a Travel Notice

Lost/Stolen/Fraud Hotlines

If your card has been compromised, first lock the card inside the mobile app to prevent unauthorized charges. Next, please call us to permanently deactivate the card and dispute any unauthorized charges.

Lost or Stolen – USA: 1-833-933-1681

Lost or Stolen – International 1-812-647-9794

Fraud/Disputes 1-866-279-1399

Contact Center Rep Ready to Help You


What is a Debit Card?

A Debit Card has replaced checks as the most secure and easiest way to make payments from your Checking Account. Use your COPFCU Debit Card at thousands of ATMs to withdraw cash from your Checking Account free of charge. Insert the card at chip terminals or swipe the card to pay for your gas, groceries or your favorite lunch. You can also use your debit card in your phone’s mobile wallet and to make purchases online.

What do I need to receive a debit card?

You must first have a Checking Account to receive a debit card. Apply for a Checking Account now.

Are there transaction limits on my card?

Yes, COPFCU debit cards feature the following transaction limits.

Standard Debit Card

  • Signature Purchases – $1,500 per day limit
  • PIN Purchases/Transactions – $1,000 per day limit

HSA Debit Card

  • Signature Purchases – $2,000 per day limit
  • PIN Purchases/Transaction – $1,000 per day limit

What ATM networks can I use for free?

COPFCU members enjoy FREE ATM transactions at more than 60,000 ATMs nationwide through:

  • PNC Bank ATM Network – Cash and check deposits may also be made to any PNC ATM that accepts deposits.
  • Co-op Shared Branching and Alliance One ATMs – Enjoy unlimited surcharge-free transactions at more than 30,000 credit union shared branching ATMs and nearly 5,000 Alliance One ATMs nationwide.

The number of Free transactions will vary based on your Rewards Plus status:

  • Basic – 6 Free transactions per month
  • Silver – 8 Free transactions per month
  • Gold – 10 Free per month
  • Platinum – 15 Free per month

Where can I make ATM Deposits?

You can make cash and check deposits for free at any PNC Bank ATM that accepts deposits. Find a PNC ATM now.

If I lock my card, can I unlock it at any time?

Yes, you can unlock your card(s) at any time as long as the card hasn’t been permanently deactivated by our team.

If I lock my card because it’s lost or stolen, do I still need to call the lost/stolen line?

Yes, you must still call the Lost/Stolen line to have the card permanently closed. No transactions can be performed while the card is locked, but it must still be closed.

Are card controls and card transaction alerts only available in the mobile app?

Card controls is available in the mobile app and online banking. Transaction alerts are only available in the mobile app. The mobile app is designed to work with your smartphone so that you have access to your accounts whenever you need from wherever you are – inside the US or traveling internationally.