When Life Gets Busy, A Higher Credit Card Limit Can Help.

When Life Gets Busy, A Higher Credit Card Limit Can Help.

Increase your credit card line for added purchase power.

Traveling? Moving? Paying for a wedding? There are many reasons why you may need a higher credit card limit on your Visa credit card. Requesting a credit card line increase is fast and easy. Plus, it may help to improve your credit score over the long term.

Transfer Balances and Save

Increasing your credit card limit is also helpful when you need to transfer balances from a higher-rate loan or credit card.

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Earn Rewards with Each Credit Card Purchase

ScoreCard Rewards is our premier rewards program for Visa Platinum Rewards and Student Visa Platinum Rewards Cardholders. You’ll earn rewards points for each purchase made with the card. Points can be redeemed for a variety of items included discounts on fuel purchases, gift cards, electronics, travel and more.

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How long does it take to receive a credit line increase?

Requests for credit card line increases can take just one business day to process, as long as all requested information has been received.

Will an increase to my credit card line hurt my credit score?

A request to increase your credit card line will result in a very small decrease to your credit score of just 3-5 points in the short term. This is because a credit report will be pulled to process your request. Over time, having a higher credit limit will usually increase your credit score as long as you continue to make on-time monthly payments whenever you have a balance.

Important Legal Disclaimer

Speak with a loan officer for full details on your Visa Credit Card and requesting a credit line increase.