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Strategies for Claiming Social Security

Social Security is a key piece in planning for income in retirement. Making an informed decision on when and how to claim it can make a huge difference in your future finances. Join us for a presentation and discussion on strategies to maximize your benefit payout.

Estate Planning & Preserving Your Wealth

Do you have a will? Should you place your assets in a trust? What kind of Power of Attorney do you need? These are just a few of the considerations surrounding estate planning. Estate planning is vital to protect you and your family and to preserve your wealth and legacy. Join us for a presentation… Read more »

Staying Sane in a Crazy Market

Confident young man

The markets will go up and down; that’s a fact. Join us for a presentation and discussion on what is causing the current market volatility and how to retain some sanity in the midst of this crazy market.

Taxes: How They Affect Your Retirement

Tax Time! Need Help?

Many Americans are surprised to learn that income taxes can be their single largest expense in retirement. Determining how much income you’ll need to cover all expenses after you’ve finished working is a key part in planning for retirement, and failure to account for taxes on your income can have a significant impact on how… Read more »

Demystifying Annuities

Annuity File

What are annuities? How do they work? Are they appropriate for you in your investment strategy? Join us for a presentation and discussion to learn about annuities and how they can provide a predictable, reliable, sustainable income stream during retirement.

Retirement Income Overview

Couple discussing retirement with a financial planner.

Taxes, inflation, market risk, and low rates of return are all factors to consider when planning a successful retirement. Join us for a presentation and discussion on how these items may impact you and how to best navigate around them.