Cincinnati Police Federal Credit Union encourages all members to sign up for our Free E-Statement service. Many members have already elected E-Statements because of some fantastic advantages including:

  • Added Security. With our E-Statement service, you can be sure that your statement – along with some of your personal information – won’t have any chance of being lost in the mail. E-Statements are accessed through our secure Online Banking system.

  • Online Statement Archives. With our E-Statement Service, your statements will be archived indefinitely in our secure Online Banking system. Once you enroll, years of statements will be available to you at your convenience 24 x 7.

  • Faster Delivery. E-Statements are normally available by the 1st day of the following month.

  • Environmentally Responsible. Thousands of sheets of paper are saved each year, drastically reducing the amount of trees that must be cut and harvested.

  • It Saves Us Money, So It Saves You Money. With no paper costs, no printing costs and no postage costs, E-Statements are the least expensive, most secure means of statement delivery. If the credit union saves money, you benefit -- by receiving lower loan rates, lower fees and higher savings/investment rates.

You can sign up for E-Statements by logging on to our secure Online Banking system and clicking Maintenance, E-mail Options or download the E-Statement Enrollment Form now and return it to the credit union.

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