Police & Fire Departments Served by COPFCU

Ohio Listings

Kentucky Listings

Cincinnati Listings

DepartmentPhone NumberPolice/Fire Chief
Police Academy513-352-3562
District #1 Police513-352-3505
District #2 Police513-979-4400
District #3 Police513-263-8300
District #4 Police513-569-8600
District #5 Police513-569-8500
F.O.P. Queen City Lodge #69513-381-2550www.fop69.org
Cincinnati Fire Department513-352-6220Richard Braun
Cincinnati Fire Dispatch513-765-1212
Cincinnati Fleet Services513-352-3680
Cincinnati Fire Investigation513-352-1680
Cincinnati Fire Prevention Bureau513-357-7585
Cincinnati Fire Recruiting513-357-7520
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Butler County Listings

DepartmentPhone NumberPolice/Fire Chief
Butler County Sheriff Department513-785-1000Richard K. Jones
Butler County Concealed Weapons Permit513-785-1020
Fairfield Twp. Police Department513-887-4406Richard St. John
Fairfield Twp. Fire Department513-887-4402David Downie
Fairfield Police Department513-829-8201Michael Dickey
Fairfield Fire Department513-867-5379Don Bennett
Middletown Police Department513-425-7700David Vanarsdale
Middletown Fire Department513-425-7996Steven Botts
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Clermont County Listings

DepartmentPhone NumberPolice Chief David Friend
Amelia Police Department513-753-4747Police Chief David Friend
Amelia Fire Dispatch Only513-732-2231
Batavia Police Department513-732-5692Police Chief Mike Gardner
Clermont County, Ohio513-732-7500Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg
Goshen Township Police Department513-722-3200Police Chief Ray Snyder
Goshen Township Fire Department513-732-3473Fire Chief Steve Pegram
Milford Police Department513-248-5084Police Chief Jamie Mills
Milford Fire Department513-831-7777Fire Chief John E. Cooper
Miami Township Police Department513-248-3721Police Chief R. Steven Bailey
Miami Township Fire/Dispatch Only513-248-3700Fire Chief Jim Whitworth
Pierce Township Police Department513-752-4100Police Chief Jeffery Bachman
Pierce Township Fire/Dispatch Only513-752-6273Fire Chief Aaron Boggs
Union Township Police Department513-752-1230Police Chief Terry Zinser
Union Township Fire Department513-528-4446Fire Chief Stan Deimling
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Hamilton County Listings

DepartmentPhone NumberPolice/Fire Chief
Addyston Police Department513-941-1313Police Chief Thomas P. Vonluehrte
Addyston Fire Department513-941-9751Contracted thru Miami Twp
Amberly Village Police Department513-531-2040Police Chief Richard Wallace
Amberly Village Fire Department513-531-2040Fire Dispatch Only
Anderson Township Police Department513-688-8400Acting Police Chief Lt. Mike Hartzler
Anderson Township Fire Department513-688-8400Fire Chief Mike Ober
Arlington Heights Police Department513-821-7547Police Chief Kenneth Harper
Blue Ash Police Department513-745-8555Police Chief Paul Hartinger
Blue Ash Fire Department513-745-8533Fire Chief Richard Brown
Cheviot Police Department513-661-2917Police Chief Joe Lally
Cheviot Fire Department513-661-2958Fire Chief Bob Klein
Cleves Police Department513-941-1212Police Chief Bill Renner
Cleves Fire Department513-941-1212Fire Chief Don Clark
Colerain Township Police Department513-385-7504Police Chief Daniel Meloy
Colerain Township Fire Department513-825-6143Fire Chief Bruce Smith
Crosby Township Police Dispatch Only513-825-2280
Crosby Township Fire Dispatch Only513-738-1831Fire Chief Bruce Downard
Deer Park Police Department513-791-8056Police Chief Mike Schlie
Deer Park Fire Department513-791-2500Fire Chief Don Newman
Delhi Township Police Department513-922-0060Police Chief James Howarth
Delhi Township Fire Department513-922-2011Fire Chief William Zoz
Elmwood Place Police Department513-242-0756Police Chief William Peskin
Elmwood Place Fire Department513-825-2280Fire/Dispatch Only
Evendale Police Department513-563-2249Police Chief Neil Korte
Evendale Fire Department513-563-2248Fire Chief Michael Hauck
Fairfax Police Department513-271-7250Police Chief Steve Kelly
Fairfax Fire Department513-271-3636Fire Chief Terry Ramsey
Forest Park Police Department513-595-5220Police Chief Phil Cannon
Forest Park Fire Department513-595-5243Fire Chief Alfie Jones
Glendale Police Department513-771-7645Police Chief Dave Warman
Golf Manor Police Department513-531-3108Police Chief Eddie Taylor
Golf Manor Fire Department513-531-2022Fire Chief Gregory Ballman
Green Hills Police Department513-825-2101Police Chief Thomas Doyle
Green Hills Fire Department513-589-3583Fire Chief Tony Spaeth
Green Township Police Department513-574-0007Police Chief Bart West
Green Township Fire Department513-574-0474Fire Chief Doug Witsken
Groesbeck Police/Dispatch Only513-825-2280
Groesbeck Fire/Dispatch Only513-825-2260
Hamilton County Park District513-521-3980Chief Ranger Ed Butler
Hamilton County Sheriff's Department513-825-1500Sheriff Jim Neil
Harrison Police Department513-367-3715Police Chief Charles R. Lindsey
Harrison Fire Department513-367-4194Fire Chief Rob Hursong
Indian Hill Police Department513-561-7000Police Chief Chuck Schlie
Indian Hill Fire Department513-561-7926Fire Chief Steve Ashbrock
Lincoln Heights Police Department513-733-5255Police Chief Kevin R. Corey
Lincoln Heights Fire Department513-733-0962Fire Chief Charles Thomas
Lockland Police Department513-761-1699Police Chief James Toles
Lockland Fire Department513-761-2751Fire Chief James Benjamin
Loveland Police Department513-583-3000Police Chief Tim Sabransky
Loveland Fire Department513-583-3001Fire Chief Otto Huber
Madeira Police Department513-272-4214Police Chief Frank Maupin
Little Miami Fire/Rescue Distr.513-271-3636Fire Chief Tom Driggers
Mariemont Police Department513-271-4089Police Chief Richard D. Hines
Mariemont Fire Department513-271-4089Fire Chief Richard Hines / Asst. Chief Tim Feichtner
Montgomery Police Department513-985-1600Police Chief Don Simpson
Montgomery Fire Department513-985-1633Fire Chief Paul Wright
Mt. Healthy Police Department513-728-3183Police Chief Marc Waldeck
Mt. Healthy Fire Department513-931-8840Fire Chief Steve Lawson
Newtown Police Department513-561-7697Police Chief Tom Synan
Newtown Fire/Dispatch Only513-825-2260Fire Chief Tom Driggers
North College Hill Police Department513-521-7171Police Chief Gary Foust
North College Hill Fire/Dispatch Only513-825-2260Fire Chief Brian Fels
Norwood Police Department513-458-4520Police Chief William Kramer
Norwood Fire Department513-458-4550Fire Chief Kurt Goodman
Reading Police Department513-733-4122Police Chief Scott Snow
Reading Fire/Dispatch Only513-733-5537Fire Chief Kevin Kaiser
St. Bernard Police Department513-242-2727Police Chief Steven Moeller
St. Bernard Fire Department513-242-9555Fire Chief Don Moeller
Sharonville Police Department513-563-1147Police Chief Aaron Blasky
Sharonville Fire Department513-563-0252Fire Chief Ralph Hammonds
Silverton Police Department513-936-6220Police Chief Bruce Molett
Silverton Fire Department513-791-2500Fire Chief Don Newman
Springdale Police Department513-346-5760Police Chief Michael Mathis
Springdale Fire Department513-346-5580Fire Chief Michael Hoffman
Springfield Township Police/Dispatch Only513-729-1300
Springfield Township Fire/Dispatch Only513-825-2260
Sycamore Township Police/Dispatch Only513-825-2280
Sycamore Township Fire/Dispatch Only513-792-8565
Terrace Park Police Department 513-831-2137Police Chief Jerry Hayhow
Terrace Park Fire/Dispatch Only513-831-2196Fire Chief Lucas Frey
Union Township Police Department 513-752-1230Police Chief Terry Zinser
Woodlawn Police Department 513-771-8480Police Chief Chief Aaron L. Tillman III
Wyoming Police Department 513-821-0141Police Chief Gary Baldauf
Xavier University Police513-745-1000Police Chief Michael Couch
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Warren County Listings

DepartmentPhone NumberPolice/Fire Chief
Warren County, Ohio Sheriff513-925-1280Sheriff Larry Sims
Hamilton Township Police Department513-683-0538Jon Wheeler
Hamilton Township Fire Department513-683-1622Mark Greatorex
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Boone County Listings

DepartmentPhone NumberPolice/Fire Chief
Boone County, KY Sheriff Department859-334-2175Sheriff Michael Helmig
Boone County Dispatch859-371-1234
Boone County District and Circuit Courts859-334-2286
Boone County Jail859-334-2143
Boone County Records859-334-2143
Boone County Fire Department859-371-1234J. William Martin
Florence KY Police Department859-647-5420John McDermond
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Campbell County Listings

DepartmentPhone NumberPolice/Fire Chief
Alexandria, KY Police Department859-635-4126Mike Ward
Alexandria, KY Fire Department Dispatch/ Only911
Bellevue, KY Police Department859-261-1122Wayne Turner
Campbell County, KY Sheriff Department859-292-3833Sheriff Jeff Kidwell
Campbell County Dispatch/Line Trouble859-292-3622
Campbell County/ Jail859-431-4611
Campbell County Records Courts District859-292-6314
Ft. Thomas, KY Police Administration859-441-6562Mike Daly
Ft. Thomas, KY Police/ Dispatch859-292-3622
Ft. Thomas, KY Fire Department859-441-8393Mark Bailey
Newport, KY Police Department859-292-3625Thomas Collins
Newport, KY Fire Department859-292-3647Acting Chief Eric Puemler
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Kenton County Listings

DepartmentPhone NumberPolice/Fire Chief
Covington, KY Police Department859-292-2222
Covington, KY Police Department859-292-2220Michael Spike Jones
Covington, Ky Records859-292-2230
Covington, KY Fire Department859-431-0462Dan Matthew
Erlanger, KY Police Department859-727-2424Marc Fields
Erlanger, KY Fire Department859-727-2488Acting Chief Todd Schuelkers
Ft. Mitchell, KY Police Department859-331-2823Jeff Eldridge
Ft. Mitchell, KY Fire Department859-331-1267Scott McVey
Independence, KY Police Department859-356-2697Shawn Butler
Independence, KY Fire Department859-356-2011Rick Messingschlager
Kenton County Police Department859-392-1940Brian Capps
Department of Criminal Dispatch859-356-3191
District Court Kenton County859-292-6523
Title Clerk Kenton County859-392-1600
Kenton County Jail859-363-2400
Kenton county Fire Department859-356-3434Jim Shoemaker
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