Student-Run Credit Unions

Financial Education in Action

Knights Credit Union
Northwest High School

Cardinals Credit Union
Colerain High School

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(For High School Seniors Only)

Cincinnati Ohio Police Federal Credit Union has partnered with the Northwest Local School District to form a Financial Education Association (FEA) for the benefit of students and alumni. The goal of the FEA is to educate students on the importance of money management. Just as math, science and English are an important part of the curriculum, money management skills are important too. We all want our children to enjoy a healthy financial future. The credit union will be operated by students for students, providing real-life financial lessons by allowing them to open and manage their own credit union accounts.

In addition to the Student-Run Credit Unions, the Financial Education Association will also provide:

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Financial aid webinars & seminars for parents
  • Low cost student loans
  • Co-op student employment opportunities
  • Free online financial education courses
  • Freedom teen accounts and services
Alumni are also welcome to participate!
Alumni can also enjoy many benefits of the FEA. We invite all alumni to participate in the available programs.

In 2012, COPFCU partnered with the NWLSD to develop the Financial Education Association (FEA) with the goal of enhancing the district's personal finance curriculum. One component of this goal was the formation of two student-run credit unions, the Knights Credit Union at Northwest High School, and the Cardinals Credit Union at Colerain High School. These credit unions are entirely student-run in the cafeteria during lunch times, allowing students and staff to make deposits and withdrawals and manage their own credit union accounts. The goal is to educate students on the importance of money management and provide real-life financial lessons before students graduate and have to make difficult financial decisions on their own. Click here to find out more about the Knights Credit Union and Cardinals Credit Union!

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